International Women's Day Showcase

Last Sunday (8th March) marked International Women's day all over the world, celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women, past, present and future. I was invited to Newport, Wales to showcase my work at a local event being held to celebrate women. The event featured food tasting, arts & crafts, music, drama, dancing, fashion, threading, exhibitions and information.

Amongst the many stalls on the day was mine with my framed artwork propped up and my portfolio 
on show. Thankfully I was also there supported by my daughter and husband. My husband; Richard Andersone, was presenting all the acts on the day. As I write this I'm still feeling pretty awesome and honoured to have been asked to show my work to members of the Welsh community and other like minded women who came together for a great cause.

One of the highlights of the day was getting to meet Jessica Morden MP (British Labour Party politician for Newport East) and Dame Rosemary Butler (British and Labour Member for Newport West), who both asked me questions about my art and took photos with me and my work.

I held a mini competition on the day for a lucky individual to win an original personalised art piece once they entered into the draw. 

I have to thank my Welsh family; Ceri Jones, Rachel Jones, Carys Jones, Improve Dot 1 and Ria Abigail Moran for literally making the day super perfect and super organised and inviting my family down in the first place to be part of the day.