Secret Postcard Sale 2014

I must start this particular blog post by sincerely apologising for my lack of posts over the last couple of months! I always say I'll post more on here but then it goes belly up! For more updated posts you can always check me out on Instagram (@luluandiris) and Twitter (@luluandiris). I always update those so if you're not already doing so, get following and come say 'hi'!

Anyway back to the reason for this post. Before Christmas (actually a couple of months before Christmas) I was approached by Julia Hines, a representative of Age UK who wrote a wonderful, warm email asking me whether I would be interested in contributing a postcard to the Secret Postcard sale; an annual sale hoping to raise funds for the work they do within the community. Of course I said yes and sent my postcard to Julia before the deadline in December 2014.

I couldn't wait to see my postcard amongst the likes of well known artists and celebrities such as Dame Zandra Rhodes, Axel Scheffler (artist of The Gruffalo book series) and Davina McCall.

The postcards were displayed in a high street store in East Finchley in the first week of December during the East Finchley Festival with stalls, music and festive cheer the backdrop of the day. Hundreds of postcards with drawings, paintings, photos and collages were generously donated to support the fundraiser with cards sold anonymously (but signed at the back). Age UK made over £1,500 from the sale of the postcards on the day!

Nothing makes me prouder to know that I was able to help such a worthy cause just by doing what I love to do. There's no doubt that I'll be contributing again next year!


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